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Wycieczki/ Trips

On 29th November our students had a possibility to visit Łaziska power station in Łaziska Górne and the 'Alternative Energy Sources' Centre in Goczałkowice Zdrój. In the Centre we could see meteorological equipment. Students got to know what the alternative energy sources are. At the power station we visited Energy Museum. We could see the equipment that was used in households by people years ago. The trip was interesting and the students were curious about the energy sources.








On 4th February early morning 9 participants of COMENIUS project left Poland and headed for Cyprus. It took us nearly 8 hours to get to Larnaca (the airport) and then to Nicosia (the capital city). Our students were accommodated with Cypriot students. During our 4 days of staying we got to know the partner school, students took part in the lessons. The participants gathered together to discuss the project work and present the questionnaires and the surveys. It was very fruitful meeting. We experienced a lot of hospitality and we brought wonderful and fantastic memories from that trip. We left Larnaca on 7th February. After 8 hours we were at home. We were a little bit tired but happy that we could get to know the European country and its culture and traditional dishes.

You can see a lot of photos taken in Cyprus on our school website. Feel free to watch them :)


  On 15th April at midnight, 9 participants of Comenius project left Poland. We were travelling towards El Puerto de Santa Maria in Spain. The bus took us to Vienna, then by plane we travelled to Madrid, then Sevilla. The last part of our journey we spent on train to El Puerto. During our 4 days of staying we got to know the partner school, students and teachers. We took part in different activities that involved participation in lessons, trips, meetings, etc. We got a lot of hospitality and the memories we brought to Poland were marvellous. It was another fruitful meeting we had. On 18th of April we came back home. Again, we were a little bit tired but extremaly happy.

Students, who participated in the meeting, chose the project's LOGO. There were some ideas but Logo from Cyprus was successful. Every document we will prepare, every presentations we will make,  will have to involve the picture.

You can see the photos on our website. Enjoy them

15-18.04.13.Hiszpania.J.Chrostek(1).pptx  Hiszpania._J.Chrostek.pptx




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